Our Mission

The Family-to-Family Project exists to alleviate poverty one family at a time. We do this by enabling families to become financially self-sufficient through self-employment by arranging and facilitating personal, family-to-family, micro-enterprise loans, allowing the borrowing families to bootstrap their way up the economic ladder with dignity.

Read the March 2009 Update.

Become a Volunteer

The Hansens, Kip and Arden, are the entire full-time staff of the Family-to-Family Project. We are stationed in the Dominican Republic for the duration of the project.

The four local units of thre project are manned by volunteer Dominican directors who evaluate, grant, and manage all of the Family-to-Family loans in their respective areas.

To be successful, we will need your help as a Project Volunteer to help in your own community.


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How does the Project work?

In the developing world, there are almost no sources for capital for the poor and absolutely none for the profoundly poor.

It is the norm that very small businesses, such as the corner vegetable or fruit vendor, borrow money in the morning from street moneylenders to buy their inventory for the day, and then repay the loan at the end of the day, at rates exceeding 10% per day.